Miracle: No small prayer before God

12:25 Aug 17 2015 Mulago Hospital, Mulago Hospital Road, Kitante, Mulago, Kampala, Central Region, 33903, Uganda

Miracle: No small prayer before God
I learnt this decades ago – long before I even accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour – that there are no small prayers before God.

In the late 1980s as a young girl, my sister was practically dying at Mulago hospital after battling a long, puzzling illness, even to the doctors.

I remember standing at the window, scared, and looking up at heaven and whispering: “Please, don’t let my sister die!” Within minutes, her husband called us back into the room we had exited in a panic, saying: “She is OK! Come and see her.”

We went back in and she was indeed peacefully sleeping, and after so many weeks in hospital, she was finally discharged a few days later. I will never forget that ‘childish’ yet answered prayer.

A couple of years later, when a Scripture Union leader at Mengo Senior School told us to each ask God for one thing we wanted Him to do for us that day, I (there for the fellowship out of curiosity – I was not born-again then) challenged God to give my family a television.

I said it very distrustfully, in like four words at most; I mean, this was already lunchtime and I knew my family’s finances well.

Well, I returned home at 6:30pm to find my brother fine-tuning a brand new, 14-inch, black and white TV set! I am not the fainting type; otherwise, I would have passed out from the shock.

But those two incidences taught me valuable lessons that have followed me into Pentecostalism. It is not about how long you spend in your prayer closet; rather, how genuinely you come before God in prayer.

If you can spill that genuineness for three hours non-stop, how admirable! But don’t feel bad about yourself if within a few minutes you feel like you have told God all you had to say to Him.

For, it is also true that some of us spend a long time doing nothing but repeating ourselves and contradicting ourselves in prayer.

If you are an intercessor, you will find it inevitable that you indeed spend longer before God in prayer. Let His Spirit lead you, even if you spend all the time just worshipping.

But on those days when you are in and out of there within a few minutes, again let the Spirit lead. Just don’t be that Pharisee in Luke 18:9-14.
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