Back from the dead!

16:23 Mar 13 2015 Johnson City, Washington County, Tennessee, United States of America

Back from the dead!
Hello. Ron Jenings here. I'm 56 and a Christian! In Dec. 2012 I developed Severe Sepsis from my second pacemaker implant. The ER Dr. Said I needed to be transported 40 miles away to a hospital that could remove the infected pacemaker and the wires that had been in my heart for 23 years. I didn't realize I was that sick. He told me that my kidneys and liver had quit, I had developed C Diff. and that if I didn' t go, I would be dead before midnight.

It was 10 am when he told me this. I remember the ride to the hospital by ambulance. They took me directly to the ICU where they was waiting for me. I didn't know that I would be going through 2 surgeries within the next few hours. 1 to remove the pacemaker and the 2nd to use a laser to burn out the two wires that went into my heart from my 1st pacemaker in 1989.

They had hooked up the new pacemaker to the old wires. I literally died 3 times that night. I went into a coma. I was placed on a ventilator and on dialysis. At one point I had 17 IV's going into me through 3 different ports.

I was given a 2% chance of living and my family was told to make funeral arrangements.

I was in a coma for 1 and 1/2 weeks. Prayers were going up for me all across America. My body gained 50 lbs of fluid. Dozens of friends, family and ministers came to the ICU to basically say goodbye before the doctor's was scheduled to pull the plug.

4 hours before the Dr.s was going to turn off the ventilator I opened my eyes... 2 weeks later I walked out of the hospital to the sound of applause from the MANY Doctors and nurses that had seen a Miracle happen right before their eyes.

Today my kidneys and liver and all body is working normal. While in a coma I recall seeing a Man come into my room and laid on the side of my bed. I told him that I couldn't help him and He said, "I didn't come in here to ask anything of you, I came to help you." He touched me in the center of my chest and walked out. Shortly after that I opened my eyes! Even today Dr.s refer to this as a miracle.

I give all Praise to Jesus, my Healer!

I try to share this experience with anyone I come in contact with to encourage them to NEVER give up! There are so many other miracles God has worked in my life and I am in the process of writing about them.

May God Bless whoever reads this..... My e-mail is [email protected] I live in the country in Tennessee and am THANKFUL for everyday of the Precious gift of LIFE!!

Yes, Miracles STILL happen!!!!
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