Guardian Angels are for real

11:33 Jan 23 2015 Van Nuys, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, United States of America

Guardian Angels are for real
It was an early fall morning, warm and clear skies in sunny California when I set out to ride my bicycle to school. I was one of nine children in my family and everyone went in different directions that year, I was in Junior High, my older siblings going to private and public high schools, my younger siblings in elementary school and both my parents worked. We lived in the city and being an avid bicyclist at the time my siblings and I loved to ride through our neighborhoods, we knew the city well, it was a carefree time. I was twelve (almost thirteen) at the time, it took about twenty minutes to ride to school going through neighborhoods and I only had to cross a couple of busy streets to get there.

That morning started out the same as all the rest and it was only a couple of blocks away from home when it happened. I waited for traffic to pass by before I crossed the first busy street (no light at this corner and I never wanted to "back track" to the light a short block away). As I waited there, there was one slow car from the rest of the pack and it had stopped for me to cross the street and it was easier to ride than to walk it, so off I started, just as I started passing the car that was stopped I only heard a loud short screech piercing my ears, then I could feel myself floating in the air and doing a somersault all the while "time" seemed to slow way down if it even existed in that realm, I was not in any pain, I was fully aware what was happening to my body and I remember clearly everything I was thinking - thinking at a normal pace only there was something peculiar that happened in that time while I was still "floating". I was thinking to myself "ok, I am in the air, I feel like I'm floating, weightless, I now feel myself doing a somersault...going upside down..."

Just then another voice inside my head (not audible) it came from within and we all know what our own voices in our head sound like - the "voice" called my name, it caught my attention for sure, I stopped myself thinking and heard the voice tell me to put my arms above my head. I gave it a try but couldn't, they were frozen at my side and being aware that we all have Guardian Angels I figured this must be mine talking to me, I'm pretty sure at that point I "willed" by Guardian Angel to help me since my arms were not communicating with my brain. The next thing I knew I "came to" in the arms of a man carrying me off the busy street and back to the curbside. I discovered later it was a man living in one of the apartment buildings on the corner on one of the upper stories and he had witnessed the whole thing while he was looking out his window.

This was a four-lane street and when the car hit me I was thrown across to the furthest lane on the opposite side. To this day I do not know the name of this man and I do not know if my parents ever showed him how thankful we were for him to carry me off the busy street before getting run over by the oncoming traffic but I know God will bless him for it. It turns out that the car that hit me was driven by two elderly ladies visiting from Oregon and they ran a stale-just-turned-red light speeding to make it through ... it was a 45 mile zone so I imagined later on that they must have been going at least 50-55 mph.

The ladies stopped and the driver consoled me at the curb while the ambulance got there, I was still in shock at this point trying to take in what had just happened to me. In real time I later thought it all happened in a matter of seconds, yet in my head while it was happening it seemed like several minutes! The "miracle" was revealed when the paramedics came and looked me over checking the contact points on my body - where the most likely parts of my body made first contact with the car and the pavement. First of all, no cracked skull and no shattered thigh where the car hit, next, no broken bones that they could tell, I had no pain but of course I was most likely still in shock so nothing unusual about that, next they looked for cuts/scrapes where my body came in contact with the pavement ... none ... the paramedic looked me over twice not believing what he was seeing (or NOT seeing!) There were absolutely no cuts or scrapes anywhere - the car slammed into my body, threw it up and over to the opposite side of the street where I had to have slammed into the pavement and not a scratch on me! When the police arrived they looked for my bike - it was thrown quite some distance away, down the street and the front wheel was torn off and they found that another block away.

I was taken in to the hospital for observation and full body xrays - after several hours maybe even overnight they released me and said I would be stiff for weeks and that I would have a bruise where the car slammed into my thigh, which it did, I had a bruise with every color of the rainbow from hip to knee and I could barely move for a few weeks, but I would take that any day over what could have happened and so many do in tragic situations like that.

So, to this day I thank my Guardian Angel for protecting me that day and giving me the opportunity to experience his miraculous protection yet another time a few years after in a completely different situation, coming to help me in a human form but in a supernatural way. Yes, it is true what is said in holy Scriptures, our angels are very real indeed and every soul, once conceived in the womb, is given one of these incredibly beautiful, powerful, all-good, all-loving angelic creatures to stay by our side to protect us from all evil...there is a catch...we must use our "free will" to "allow" them to protect us, because they will never force themselves on us against our free will, or in the case of abortions, the free will of the mother.
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