God said: "STAY." So I did.

19:41 Aug 9 2014 Plainfield, Will County, Illinois, United States of America

God said: "STAY." So I did.
The bank wanted to foreclose on my home when I became unemployed back in 2008. My siblings even said; "start packing, your losing your house." God said: "STAY." So I did.

In 2009 I began my own Heating & Air Conditioning Contracting business. I stayed in the house as God instructed me to. I lived here for three years without making any mortgage payments. In 2012 (after my business was about 3-years old already), I went back to the bargaining table with the bank. After being in business for almost 3-years we were finally starting to show a good profit.

The bank finally approved me for a Trial Modification. After a 6-month trial, the bank approved me for a a permanent loan modification, dropped my interest rate from 6.25% down to 4.0% and the amount of my monthly mortgage payment is now almost the same as it was before almost losing the house. The 3-years I lived in my home without paying the mortgage I incurred a lot of late payment penalties. they were all added to the back-end of the loan with the new modification. So after all is said and done, God allowed me to start my new business, told me to stay in my home and that I would not lose it, and he made a way for all of this to happen.

The woman at our local church who instructed me in how to negotiate with the bank, without hiring an expensive attorney, her name is Faith. When I saw Faith at church months later, after everything was wrapped up, I was praising God and thanking her for her help and support. Faith said this was a true miracle. I agreed, it was truly a miracle and God had his hand upon this whole situation.

There is much, much more to this story, and much more that God helped me overcome. But I just wanted to share this huge miracle with all of you who are reading. I am hoping that it will inspire you, give you hope and courage and truly be a witness to the TRUTH of God's word that says: "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me." God has put all these things together for my good.

So always remember.... with God, when he closes one door, another door is sure to open. We just have to be willing to put our faith and trust in Him and walk through that door.
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Denise (Aug 25 2014)
The man said that he would give me an engagement ring, wedding date, and make things right by Sept 4. I have waited. I know he will come through with his promise
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