My current miracle

10:43 Aug 5 2014 Zambia

My current miracle My current miracle
First of all I wud love to thank the Lord for my life and the blessings on me,thank you God.

My friend and I were involved in an accident on our way back home from work in another town,bout 200km. I was in the passenger seat too tired to help him or drive,but before starting off I was very hestant to travel but my friend insisted that we start off. We travelled well untill bout 20km away from our town when the miracle happened.

It first started when I was dozing off and I had terrifying dream or flash of the accident and I started praying for God's travelling mercies. Bout 10minutes later we hard the same flash or dream in reality, head on collison with a big truck, we lost control. God grace kept us away from entering beneath the trailer of the truck until the vehicle spun on the road to the ditch on the side of the road on the other side of our lane.

I was ok and my friend had a minor injury on his leg but thank God we came out safe both of us. We were a second away from death but the pray of mercies worked. God is there and He does protect us and preserve us ,thank you
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