I legally died and left my body

09:23 Aug 4 2014 Fayetteville

I legally died and left my body
I was being beaten, doing drugs and just living day to day. I lay down next to my husband at the time and I had taken Jesus as my lord and savior, been baptized, so when I left my body it was kinda the same as heaven is real only, There were three people standing there a woman and two men, their garments were a unique fabric to me and given the fact that my mom was a seamstress it was unlike any I had ever seen.

The woman had a braided like belt and the mens were the same but hers was gold, theirs both silver I believe, I also believe if I had truly died that day I was not right with god. I believe I was in judgement. Gods number for three is two to witness one to verify. That hurt so Ive traveled a long road trying to get people saved cause at least you can be judged and two, to go to heaven. If you wanna go get right with god know Jesus and be proactive.

Finding out about Jesus was the best part besides giving him to my kids and so many others, its been 14yrs last march.
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