14:33 Jul 25 2014 Stanwood, Iowa, United States of America

My miracle is not just of surviving 3rd phase ovarian cancer after being told I had 3 months to live, it is of surviving so much more.

Against all odds I have survived after wanting to commit suicide, after being raped and forced to have an abortion or be kicked out of my home at 14yrs old, being told I was not smart enough to go to college and suffered ADD, abuse and my life has been threatened several times. One husband had a knife to my throat. Having been beaten, kicked and choked I survived along with being stalked. A guy tried to run me into a semi and was then caught twice breaking my restraining order and still only served 10 days in jail.

I lost near everything due to a fire having to move across the united stated living on SSI just over $700 a month. When my babies were small I had no food. There was a knock on the door with boxes of food. Another time they were going to shut off our electric and I found my daughter playing with a hundred dollar bill and when I could not take any more God answered a fleece word for word. showing me the way to be delivered also giving me a scripture that the angels encamp around the rightious and He allowed me to here marching around my bed that night. My now ex husband could not come in the room as he had been doing so many nights practicing sleep deprivation. He actually sleep on the sofa that night and I got some much needed sleep. So much more I could say God is awesome and through all the hardships and wanting to give up God is renewing my faith and giving me something once more to live for...during that time also my daughter was born she was air lifted from Cottonwood AZ to the Phoenix childrens hospital and twice god woke me up to pray. I received a call shortly after saying she had died and came back on her own.
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