The Night an Angel Stepped In

19:05 Jul 24 2014 Universal City Walk

The Night an Angel Stepped In
One night, after viewing one of our favorite movies at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles, my wife and I were surprised to find out that the movie let out after the shuttle to the park and ride lot had stopped running. This meant, to our surprise, that we had about a half mile walk down hill to the lot. Everyone else in the movie must have known this schedule and parked in the more expensive top parking lot because we were the only ones walking down the hill around 10:30pm.

My wife, who is a fast walker, started leaving me behind because she wanted to get down this hill. However, I did not have walking shoes on so I fell behind about 15 yards. In the distance, approaching were three figures which looked like two boys and a girl. In my spirit I felt a little uneasy but thought it was because I had just recently seen the news about a stupid game teenagers have been playing called "knockout" when they punch an innocent passerby in the back of the head with the intention to knock them out. As the figures got closer, I could see it was a man and a teenage boy and a husky girl. The man and first boy passed my wife but the girl spun behind her just as she passed by. I shouted, "Hey, what are you doing?" But I was ignored. I didn't know what she was about to do and I was painfully too far away to do anything, but just as the girl's hand was just about to hit or grab my wife's hair, an unseen force, pushed the girl back off the side walk causing her to fall in the street. She looked around trying to comprehend what just happened as the male teenager fell out laughing. As I passed her I said, "You see, God don't like ugly." And we continued on our way to the car.

The next day as my wife and I reflected on that night, we came to the conclusion that it must have been an angel that came to the rescue that night. My wife said she felt a blast of air a second after the girl passed her, which was just about the time the girl was about to do something to my wife. From my point of view, it was as if the girl was pushed backwards in her chest. If ever I doubted our guardian angels are not always with us, I will never have that doubt again. Praise the Lord.!
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