Angels carried me out of the drift

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Angels carried me out of the drift
A few years ago my husband and I had to agree to meet freinds for lunch after church

We live up in Rocky mountains about twenty miles from our small town. It has started snowing when we left for church. The weather was calling for snow all day. We arrived at church and the pastor said that the service would be shorter then usual because the weather was supposed to get worse and he wanted to get done in time for everyone to get home safely.

when the service was over we met our friends in town at the local tavern. As we ate we noticed that the snow fall was getting heavier. So we decided cut our visit short and start for home. We had a large F250 truck with four wheel drive and all terrain tires. They were in a small four wheel drive car.

We headed on out of town and was doing fine plowing thru the snow. AS we made our turn to go up into the mountains we slid and ended up going into a ditch. Our friends pulled up by us and told us to get in. My husband as usual was not prepared for being out in the cold. He only had a light jacket on. and no hat. I was dressed for the weather. I grabbed a blanket that I always keep in the truck for winter emergencies. We got into the car with our friends and headed up the road.

At an intersection, we are out in the country now with only a few ranches and no cell phone communication. As we came to a four way stop the wind had picked up and made some good size drifts in the snow. In the white out of the snow we went into a drift and got stuck. Our friend was able to get a signal long enough to call our pastor who lived up the road and had a plow. He came down and pulled us out. We headed on up to our road. We have to go threw a ranch to get up to our home, our friend stopped at the entrance to the ranch and let us out. She did not have the ability in her car to get up our hill.

My husband and I started up the hill to our home. It is about a three quarter mile hike up our road to our house. I knew it would be a difficult hike as I had done it before, the altitude climb is quite significant. My husband is diabetic and his legs are not real good. I was worried that he would not be able to make it up our hill. The snow was getting deep and it was getting colder about minus twenty four. We made it up the first leg before a major turn. I was getting tired and I could see my husband struggling. I was getting concerned his sugars would drop. We managed to get up the first hill. Then my husband collapsed. I didn't have anything on me that had sugar in it and I knew his blood sugars were dropping from the exertion. I told him to wait and I would try and get up and get our four wheeler which had a small plow on it. I put the blanket over him and started up the next level. The snow had eased up and wasn't to deep. Then I hit a drift that was about four and a half feet deep. It was up to my arm pits. I kept falling and had no way to find anything to brace myself against to get up out of the snow. As I laid there I cried out to God and said, " Lord you have rescued so many of your children over the years, I need you to rescue me now so I can get to the house to call for help. I need you to send some angels and carry me up to the house. The nest thing I knew I was laying in the snow in front of my neighbors house. It was a good quarter mile from where I had cried out to God to help me. I began to call my neighbors name. She came out and got me into her house. I told her that my husband was laying down in the snow and I needed to get help for him. She called 911 and gave me some dry clothes and hot tea. Then I told her I needed to get something for him. She gave me a cup of juice an a warm blanket for him. I started back down to where I had left him,praying all the way that i wouldn't get stuck again in the drift. I had only walked a couple of yards when I saw my husband walking up the road. I took the warm blanket and food to him. Then I heard someone calling my name. I looked down the hill and it was our valleys first responders to any 911 call. They came up on snow shoes. And helped my husband.

Another neighbor who had a big tractor came down plowing the road so we could get my husband up to our house. The strange thing is that we never saw as single foot print in the snow of mine. I believe that God did send His angels to carry me up the hill. If I hadn't gotten up to our neighbors house and called 911 I believe we both would have frozen to death in the snow drifts. I will always believe it was God' angels that came for us,and to me that was a miracle.
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