Intervention of an angel

10:48 Jul 18 2014 Jackson

Intervention of an angel
I was a person homeless, jobless May 2011. I was so saddened at one point in tears ( you've probably heard the tune calling on angels)

There is a line in it I need a sign meaning your saying to god to let me know your here, anyway after a prayer and saying to god just what good am I I might as well step in front of a truck get this over with, anyway ive never asked for angel to watch over me etc, anyway on this particular am sunny day I was downtown by the public library, starting to cross st at usual spot I place my foot down my right to walk forward as I did I could not raise it for the life of me it was like super glued to the spot and as I bent forward more really gave it my all to move

I became conscious of something there invisible that wouldn't let me bend but so far forward in more effort and motion to move my foot and leg, I thought at first this is strange and looking around thought quickly how would I explain this to any onlooker, then all of a sudden( now all this probably didn't last but seconds not a minute when a car yes came by at top speed much more than the 25 mph limit had I crossed no doubt would id been hit maybe killed, and as car left area I was allowed to continue walking and this much amazed me the most as I stared ahead by then saying thankyou god just saved my life I barely could see movement in front a quick slight image then it was over, but I have no doubt the question I asked god answered in that moment a few days earlier was answered that prayer!This is the first time this shared outside of church and family!
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