the anointing of the oil

21:06 Jul 7 2014 121 w. 90th st. #4, bloomington, MN. #55420

the anointing of the oil
This happened about five years ago. I have always had bad sinuses and this time they were the worst in forty years. I was taking up to eight Excedrin a day to keep the pain away.

I had a doctors appointment, and they were scanning my kidneys and found cysts on them and was told not to take Excedrin anymore.

So I saw on a religious program about the anointing of the olive oil. I got some extra virgin olive oil, asked God to bless it, and applied it to my forehead went to bed. Woke up the next morning without a sinus headache, and has NOT had one sinus headache since. That was five years ago! I think that was a miracle since I had always had those headaches before ('.') Amen.
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