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Do you want to witness a miracle? Who doesn't? It was either the end of November or beginning of December 2011, while I was praying; I received a message from God. His words "something awful is going to happen, you need to trust me". That was it. God asked me to trust Him. I know what you are thinking -- 'I trust God, so how hard is this?' At least that is somewhat what I was thinking -- but of course, the who? what? when? questions followed.

Come to find out, I really wasn't good at this. About three days past and I was still holding onto this message and I found myself anxious. Then I told my husband, Paul, and of course he also had the "W" questions. I was afraid to tell Paul because he his Faith was shaky at best. I then called my sister, Paula, in Rhode Island and told her the message. I wasn't surprised by her reaction as she has TREMENDOUS FAITH. Her response was some like "ok, we'll wait and see what happens".

Approximately five and one half to six weeks later, January 12, 2012, just after 8:00 am, I received a call from Rhode Island from my best friend's husband, Keith. My parents' house was engulfed in flames and both of my parents were rushed to the hospital. Panic started to set in. Thank God my husband was home. I quickly called my sister, Paula in Rhode Island and after about 1 hour we learned which hospital mom and dad were taken to. Then I remembered the message: "something awful is going to happen, you need to trust me". I reminded Paul and we said prayers. Paula raced to the hospital and I got our son Michael and flew up there later that day.

I didn't arrive until after 10 PM. Dad was ok, just for precaution the hospital kept him overnight, however, Mom was in serious condition. We were unaware at the time, but Mom arrived at the hospital with a 25% chance of survival and was dropped down to 5% within four days. Our Faith Journey took on a whole new venture. Myself, Dad, Claude; Sister, Paula; Brother, Chuck; and whole family now had to fight for Mom's life as the hospital wanted to pull her off all life support after day four.

After four weeks, the Chief of Surgery went as far as to say, "If I go in there and pull her off all life support, let's see what your God does then". In our 'almost daily' meetings with the hospital staff the doctors guaranteed our family that Mom would die. We kept tight and the meetings ended the same, we kept telling them that 'God is in control, we didn't have the right to pull the pull, that is up to God'. They never backed down, they insisted that we pull the plug. The Chief of Surgery threatened to make Mom a DNR, giving her no hope, then proceeded to make her a DNR. It took our entire family, and extended family and friends to keep someone at the hospital at all times.

Mom was in trauma intensive care for almost 17 weeks. I knew I needed to obey his message and just trust. The one thing I did have complete control of was, my faith and trust. After learning this story, The Joy FM sent Kathy Robinson of TV Homesourse to my house to make an inspirational video in regards to our miracle. They named it "Connie's Story" but it should be named "Favor and a Miracle because of trusting God". I know in my heart that God showed favor because we trusted Him. Mom was 71 when 40% of her body was burned. I didn't know if mom was going to survive, but what I did know, TRUST HIM, HIS TIMING AND PLANS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT.

My husband, Paul, called himself "borderline atheist". He had Faith and through the years, lost it as well as his Hope. He saw so much negative in the world and people kept giving him examples that his way of thinking was right. A couple of weeks after the fire, he was so exhausted from our flights to and from Rhode Island/Florida, as well as our mild autistic son, Michael. The challenges began wearing on him. He had given up hope on Mom, he thought we were just postponing the inevitable and pleaded with me to consider what the medical staff was saying. He then added "if your mother survives this, I would have witnessed an actual miracle. If this happens and your mother survives, there is a God. You wanted me to get baptized, I will."

Guess who got baptized on December 23, 2012. He continues his journey and enjoys learning more about Bible Stories, Church and Christian Music. I have added a picture of his baptism below.

God didn't just save my Mother's life, he also saved Paul's!

I have added the link below for your convenience, however, if you go onto ", click on 88.1/91.5 (Florida station), scroll down to featured videos and a few pages in, click on "Connie's Story", you can view it from there. Another amazing story, "Rob's story" which will get your blood flowing also. This will also give you a chance to listen to The JoyFM and hear how awesome they are.

My sincerest appreciation to TheJoy FM (Jeff MacFarlane, General Manager) and to Kathy Robinson of TV Homesource for making the video happen. Godspeed.

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