A cancer experience

15:12 Mar 14 2016 Nigeria

A cancer experience
My friend told me she had cancer, I was shocked. She had Thyroid cancer, the neck region. She said "so it started easter 2014, I went on holiday, I had sore throat, So i was complaining about sore throat to my friend, I am like 'no this is not a normal sore throat'.

After easter I and my friend went to eat at a restaurant, I was not feeling good so I kept on touching my neck. I left the restaurant to go and buy drugs for sore throat, the pharmacy was closed. I went to the toilet and saw that my neck was swollen, I went back to the restaurant and showed my friend, we rushed to the hospital, they wasted my time, did tests, I said I was going back to London, I left early to London. Back in London I went to my General Practitioner, He said he didn't think it is a big deal but he would just refer me to the hospital.

I went to the hospital and the Doctor said it is just gouter that girls have gouter sometimes that just to satisfy me he would do some biopsy. They did and called me back, they said there is too much activity going on in my neck, that it is a 50/50 chance of cancer, I need to take out the swollen left thyriod, I went for a surgery. After the surgery they called me back to the hospital for emergency surgery, to remove the other thyroid, it has been confirmed to be cancer that it spread to my neck muscle. So I went for another surgery, after the surgery my drainage pipe got stuck in my neck so I had another minor surgery, which comes down to 3 on my neck on the same spot.

After that I was scheduled for Radiotherapy.
Which started on my birthday, after my graduation. I went to the hospital the first day for treatment I was so scared. I felt I couldn't breath, because I was suddenly cluster-phobic. Trust me the idea of being locked down is not my cup of tea. You can't move, you feel like you are suffocating, lol they had to give me medicine to calm my nerves, with so much words of encouragement from nurses, radiotherapist, family and friends, I said lie lie, 15 minutes a day. My mum was around at the beginning, from my second operation until when i started radiotheraphy. At the beginning it wasn't so bad, I mean pain wise".

That girl had pass through a lot, one time she had to go to the hospital, she took a drug and stayed in a room for 2 days alone. She was a danger for anybody, she had to throw her clothes, she had to throw her dishes, she couldn't eat, she will throw up whenever she eats, it was terrible. There is one drug they say she will take it for the rest of her life wow, that one is small if Jesus free her from that.

It is a miracle that she is free from cancer, there is somebody that cancer is causing you pain, you will make it, if you are looking at it as a stumbling block tell yourself this is a phase, and live your life as if its nothing, it will be a story. This story inspired me so much, only yesterday when my massager went I was crying and praying to God saying He will heal me completely now because I was in pain. The story is my inspiration anytime anyday. God please make my situation a story amen.
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