Inevitability meets Invincibility

15:44 Feb 25 2016 San Bernandino, Seyé, Yucatán, Mexico

Inevitability meets Invincibility
On Friday, November 10, 2000, I was leaving another fun-filled week in the San Bernadino mountains, looking forward to a fun-filled weekend in Vegas to celebrate my best friend's 21st birthday. On the way down, however, I experienced first-hand two very real events: the perils of black ice, and the miraculous hand of God.

I had been working as a camp counselor for an outdoor science school for a couple of months. I actually enjoyed my almost-hippie lifestyle of getting paid to teach and play outside, while receiving free room and board Monday thru Friday, and couch-crashing on the weekends. I was 22, had dropped out of college, and was experiencing a sense of freedom that told me I was invincible!!

I was borrowing my mom's little green Datsun that she had just gotten new tires for. I later found out that considering my particular commute, I should've been extra cautious on the roads since the tires weren't "worn in" (as I stated, I was 22, there's no way I knew that!). So while I was not speeding down the mountain (still to this day cannot figure out how people can zip up and down in the mountains!) it had rained the day before, which meant somewhat icy roads should've been anticipated.

Regardless, as I was winding down, this way and that way...well, this way didn't come happened so fast!! I was coming to a curve, but the car kept going straight instead of following the bend! Black ice. Now, God's first intervention in this testimony was that this particular cliff was not a 90 degree, straight down cliff! It was a very steep mountainside full of trees, which ultimately was how my car stopped tumbling down, side to side.

I was bracing myself to die. The thought literally ran through my entire being--oh my God! I'm about to die!!! But then, immediately after this thought, I screamed, "LORD!! I don't want to die!!" BAM!! My car slammed up against a tree, driver-side down! To say I was dazed would be the understatement of my entire life, but somehow I was able to get my wits about me enough to unbuckle myself, and look for a way out of that car! I was able to reach a tree branch through the nonexistent back passenger window and pulled myself out.

The second showing of God's miraculous hand was--not only did I not die, I DIDN'T BREAK A BONE AND WASN'T BLEEDING ANYWHERE!!! And with my adrenaline in overdrive, I didn't know what else to do, so I climbed all the way back up the side of the mountain to get back to the road!! Disclaimer: I was only able to do so because of God's 3rd saving grace, in that I was only as far down as the full extension of the tow truck's cable!!

I was scratched, banged up and bruised very badly, but I made it to the top of the road. Only one of my co-workers, the camp nurse, saw what happened. And after I refused her begging to go to the hospital (22, invincible, dumb) she insisted on giving me a full check up on the side of the road! Soon the rest of my fellow counselors reached us, and I got asked the same exact question twice by every single one of them--the first time when they saw me on the side of the road, carless, and then the second time when they could make out where the car was!


And yes, while I was completely shaken, that day I was not completely taken out!! Ever since that monumental day, I've know that the Lord has spared me, for something much bigger than myself! Yes, I'm more than alright, because no weapon formed against me will maybe I'm invincible after all!!
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