Prayers for Adam

10:21 Feb 19 2016 Manchester, Greater Manchester, North West England, England, United Kingdom

Prayers for Adam
I have prayed for many people on the streets and other places who have been none believers and believers and they have got miraculously healed instantly and I have also experienced many miracles by the grace of GOD that's on my life praise JESUS ! ☺️

I've seen GOD do some incredible miracles however I've actually been going through such a tough time since March last year when I had an accident at work and as a result of this accident that I had I've had 3 Discs in my spine completely collapse and I've also got 2 Bulging Discs which are pushing into my spinal Column and crushing the nerves that affect my legs but 1 of the Bulging Discs is abnormally big and it's getting very close to crushing the nerves that affect my bowel and bladder which could potentially have crazy consequences and it's been a really long and tough time in my life and my walk with the Lord however regardless of how many times that I've ended up in for long periods of time on multiple occasions since March last year or regardless of the excruciating pain that going 24/7 I've felt the Presence of the Lord so Tangibly and I've got such a peace in my heart yet at the same time finding my self beginning to get slightly nervous and anxious because in 3 time on Friday 11th of March I'm due to have Major Spinal Surgery and instead of have multiple operations the Surgeon has decided to Operate on multiple levels in 1 Major Operation which has some very serious risks like I've been told that there is a huge chance that I could be permanently Paralysed from the waist down and other risks aswell and I'm finding everything to be tough at the moment because I can't work I haven't been able to work since March last year and I'm also a Father I have. Young daughter who I also have to provide for and the things I've been finding really hard and very upsetting are the times that I can't pick her up and cuddle her or even do activities with her I've been on crutches now for quite a long time to help take procure off my spine and that's even deteriorated more recently and I'm actually currently in hospital unable to walk properly and the Doctors are struggling to get my pain under control !

I just really felt to share that with you and to ask if you would pray for me and stand in agreement with me for GODS MIRACULOUS Intervention.
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