Saved From Death's Jaws.

14:06 Oct 10 2015 Lusaka, Lusaka Province, Zambia

Saved From Death's Jaws.
I lived a simple life with my fiancé. in a very busy town called Lusaka in Zambia. In 2010 i was working night shift as a controller at a security company. I loved and respected my job cause a lot of lives depended on the decision we would make when faced with an emergency cause some parts of the city can be very dangerous.

Upon knocking off that morning I went and stood on the terrace and prayed to God for a wonderful night. It was upon knocking off as I rode my bike headed home when I reached mandahill robots that I was damagingly hit by a mini bus which skipped the robots and went straight. For me. I was knocked unconcerned and. Woke up on a hospital after a week with a very bad headache. When I was given a mirror to look at the extent of the damage my head was so big and my whole face was disfigured. I was then told I was supposed to be dead and that the doctors had given up hope on me. My skull had cracked hence the bad headache, I was bruised all over and I thought my face would be like that forever.

But God, somehow saved me. Not a single bone was broken in me but the mini bus that hit me was beyond repair. It took three years for mme to be healed totally as the tendons were badly torn apart. I lost my job, lost my home, lost my since of smell but nothing gives me joy than to know that He, was there for me for I could have been dead but he, saved me and when I danced and leaped with joy at the hospital I told them am celebrating what the Lord, has done for me and they thought am going "loonies"

I never charged the man that was responsible for it's a serious offense in our country to hit someone. I forgave him and God, has blessed me ever since even though through healing I did fall from grace but still He, is and has always been with me and. If it wasn't for His, loving kindness I would be a past tense story being told by heart broken relatives of how I lived my life. Glory be to the most High God. May you see His, power as well and testify for He, never fails.
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