Through the eyes of a child

20:11 Dec 2 2015 Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Through the eyes of a child
I was taking a trip through British Columbia not long ago and the traffic was stopped on the highway, because a semi-truck had caught on fire. We were stopped for a couple of hours and so people would get out of their vehicles to chat. I had a conversation with a truck driver and the topic came up about how our lives were both impacted by cancer. This truck driver was telling me that his parents split up when he was young and that he grew up with his mother and step-father. He didn’t have a lot of time with his biological father in his younger years; however, when he was nineteen his father came down with cancer and he became the caregiver. He lived with his father for six months and watched death take him.

About ten years later, after this truck driver got married and started a family, he was putting his two year old daughter to bed. When he pulled out a bedtime story to read to her, she said, “Grandpa isn’t your real dad, is he?”
Somewhat surprised with the question he replied, “Well no.”
“What happened to your dad?” the daughter asked.
He thought a moment, then said, “Sometimes people get sick and do not get better. Your other grandpa, my dad, got sick. He got so sick that he went to heaven.”
“Oh.” The two year old paused, “Well he hurt here (hip), here (stomach) and here (head), but he is all better now!”

Sometimes we are given these mystical gifts to remind us that there is more to life than just this life. These gifts tells us that our loved ones, which have passed on before us, live on in another dimension.

So, do you believe in God? Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe that every so often that God steps into your life to remind you that He is there, and that everything is going to be okay?

Do you believe that your life has purpose and that through your choices, you can connect with God? More importantly, do you believe that God offers you healing and wholeness that comes from looking to Him and accepting this divine, intangible, surreal love?

Do you believe that there is more to gain by having a faith, a trusting in this God, that you cannot see, then not having this faith or belief?

I often think about my life and the moments in my life where the surreal seems to converge with my reality. I think about the events of my life that took me to a place where I would stop, look back and look up. Events that seem to converge on this wantingness to know this intangible God that awakens your soul.

My God Process brought me to a point in my life where I was compelled to write and share my soul. It caused me to look back on my life to connect the dots because life is filled with these extraordinary events if we look for them, and it is in those events that we see God at work.

From the book The God Process
by Kirk S Boote.
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