Divine healing

10:34 Jul 14 2015 Nigeria

Divine healing
My Testimony!

It was that bright Saturday morning and everything was going on as on any Saturday morning. For some it was a laissez-faire, and others 'take it slow' day.

But for me it was an uncertain Saturday morning, not because my faith failed me or I didn't believe God.

I was just overwhelmed, could not just understand what was happening to me- I could breathe, glory to God but that was not the usual way I breathe. It was a little deeper than usual, it felt as though I was searching for air deep inside to grasp. I stood up, the breathing was same, I sat down, it didn't change, I laid down it was no better! And then it seemed like light hit me and I felt oh I guess this is it. This is my life ebbing away before my very eyes.

I could not explain what was going on, never even heard about shortness of breath before, and because I could not explain what was going on, I couldn't tell anybody. But thank God for that very friend that sticks closer than a brother, who hears everything I say even when I am not saying anything. I turned to Him, I said to Him, I don't know what is going on but is this You calling me home? My life is in Your hands.

I didn't hear Him say anything back to me immediately and then I said it must be now that I'm really going and so began to mourn myself while still alive (I still smile at the thought of that. And don't try to understand what it means to mourn a person who is still alive *smile*)

Well I went about my normal duty since no one knew what was happening to me, though with a bit of difficulty. But when I could not stand it anymore, still haven't heard the still small voice, I told my sister who has done a great deal for to get me where I am today. I said it mildly like it was nothing and she encouraged me. That felt good, if only it stayed longer.

By evening I had a praise, worship, prayer service in church, as I prepared and headed for the service I had this sudden assurance that everything will be rectified in the service, that I will be healed, cause I've already started referring to it as an ailment.
At church the atmosphere was warm, welcoming, the thick presence and glory of God was evident during the worship in songs. I was still 'searching for breathe down there' in other words, there hasn't been any change, it was still a bit difficult to breath.

But then a song came on, about the healing power of God and immediately my breathe was restored! I could breath normally again! Wow what joy overwhelmed me that instant!!

God has still got my back even when it seems He is not saying anything or I'm not hearing Him speak. He still loves me with an everlasting love and desires that I be in divine health and prosperity! And same with you reading this, yes you- God has not forgotten!!

It was much later I realized God delivered me from an asthma attack. (I have never been asthmatic before then or even after!)


Thank you for taking time to read my testimony! God will give you your own testimony to the glory of His name! Amen.
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